Dear Spring, You’re My Favorite 

I’ve always been a huge fan of summer followed closely by the fall months. Growing up in South Georgia often felt like summer year round, but there was nothing like when the heat and humidity would finally settle upon us in full strength. Days were spent by the pool eating watermelon and filling up on ice cream. And, if we weren’t there, we were spending time by the ocean. I loved those days! Fall, on the other hand, was always filled with nostalgia as the weather would cool and football games became life. We savored the few cool mornings and evenings, tucking away those cool breezes right into our pockets. Living in Athens meant even better fall days. Cooler weather, colorful leaves, a quick trip or two to the mountains. Fall reminds us to recover from the heat of the summer in preparation for the cold of the winter. So, normally if you would have asked me about a favorite season I would answer…summer and then fall!

This year, as winter has said it goodbyes (praises! see ya later), I have found myself really enjoying the transition into spring. Life is emerging all around me, and perhaps it’s because I am currently carrying life within me that I am able to more fully relate to spring. To the life springing forth. The insects taking flight again. The color returning to my yard. The warmer weather and extended hours of daylight are also nothing to complain about. It’s the perfect weather for an evening walk after work or dinner outside. I’m also able to enjoy time in the sun without getting rashes or too exhausted from the heat! I’ve so often just floated through these months of spring in anticipation of summer fun and never ending warmth. I’m thankful for a new point of view this year as I savor these sweet sweet days of spring. Even with the weeds and rains, spring is welcome to stay!

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