A Sea of Choices

I tend to get overwhelmed when I have too many choices to make at once. Heck, I even get a little overwhelmed when trying to decide what to eat for dinner. We have so many options screaming at us in all areas of life on a daily basis. There is social media (pick your favorite). Many websites are unusable due to the vast amount of ads flanking the pages. Decisions lurking around every corner and so many things competition for our attention, our time, and our money. It’s becoming our norm as a society and, honestly, sometimes it scares me. I don’t want this place, Pretty + Well, to be a source of confusion for you. I don’t want you to have to feel like you need to go out and buy a bunch of stuff NOW…because you don’t! I want you to be able to make healthy choices for your life in your time and in your way.

After I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and realized it was time to make some changes, I did feel this urge to change everything  at once. I had moments of filling my online cart with tons of new items to begin transitioning into a more natural lifestyle. I placed unnecessary pressure on myself to make changes really quickly. Throughout the journey, I have experiences times of great success  and times of regret when a product failed after spending good money on it. I realize the journey can be frustrating, and the many options before you can be overwhelming. Here are my tips for navigating through the sea of choices when it comes to beauty products (and anything else for that matter)!

  1. Set a budget! My husband, being oh so wise, decided to give me a budget for buying products to begin with. This helped me set some initial goals and get some of the excitement out of my system.
  2. Set expectations! Do you plan to just transition your beauty products? Makeup? Haircare? Do you also plan to transition to natural household products? It’s important to decide what your goals are for making changes!
  3. Replace one product at a time! Change takes time, and I am more on board with a “slow and steady wins the race” approach rather than a hurried approach that may not stick. For me, I knew mascara had to be first since it was causing me issues every day. For you, it may be another product.
  4. Research before shopping! The Environmental Watch Group has a database called Skin Deep. This was the most helpful tool for browsing products in specific categories. It was also a helpful way to explore my current products to decide what I should no longer use!
  5. Visit a store in person! I was so excited to learn about a natural beauty store in Atlanta called Fig & Flower. My husband and I decided to go check it out, and this is where I spent my initial budget. I felt like I was in heaven. I was able to get some product sample and advice from the store owner, Sara. It also helped me narrow down the product selection. The brands I discovered in Fig & Flower are still my favorite, and I still buy many of my items from the website. Check them out!
  6. Samples are your friend! Many products have a sample option on their website if you do not live near a store. You often have to pay for them, but it’s an affordable way to try out different shades of makeup and beauty products. It’s also useful if you are like me and like to change things up frequently!
  7. Give yourself a break! Lifestyle changes can be hard, so please remember to HAVE FUN! Include friends and family on your journey. Connect with bloggers. Find a way to share your journey and let it be an adventure rather than a burden.

I hope this helps with you with your plans to transition into natural products. I am rooting for you, and I am always happy to answer any questions you have!


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