Confessions of a First Time Homeowner: The Yard

Oak Tree

I looked through the front door to see my husband covered in clay, stomping around in his brand new boots in the front flowerbed. We had the grand idea to remove everything in the bed and then revamp it without doing any research or knowing anything about plants for that matter. Lucky for us, the days after we purchased new plants were filled with more April showers than you could imagine. The flowerbed slowly turned into a slip and slide of clay and rocks as the rain continued day after day. By this point, our flowers were beginning to wilt and, thankfully, the rain finally came to an end. We waited a few days for the bed to dry, which never really happened. So, Jarred went for it…straight into the slip and slide. He emerged covered in mud and exhausted, but those plants were finally in the ground. And, guess what? They didn’t even make it to the next spring.

My family owns a farm supply store filled with plants, seeds, and sprays that not bug can survive. My family is also full of famers who grow countless acres of peanuts, cotton, and even blueberries. Somehow, though, I know very little about growing things. My husband is also in this boat, so we spend our time doing yard work like circus monkeys learning new tricks. We refuse to pay someone to do our yard work. Instead, he pushes our electric lawnmower around the yard like a hero (it seriously looks like an awful time). I seriously feel like we could spend every spare minute of our time in the yard, and it still would need more and more work.


One of my favorite things, throwing out wildflower seeds and watching the flowers bloom.

I’m probably the queen nester of all pregnant women right now. Unfortunately, that has carried over into the yard. I spend a lot of afternoons trimming bushes, pulling weeds, and brainstorming new ideas. Our neighbors probably think that my husband has enslaved me and forces me to do yard work. Jarred doesn’t even try to stop it anymore. When I suggested we plant some new flowers in the back flowerbed and put down new pine straw, he didn’t say a word. He just said he would meet me at Home Depot after work. We worked well into the darkness to finish that project…sadly, some of the plants may already be dying because that is just how life goes.

No, our yard doesn’t look like as good as the professionally maintained ones in the neighborhood. No, we will not buy another house with a yard this big or with this many trees. No, we will not be hiring anyone to take over the yard work anytime soon. But, here is what I’ve learned through all of our silly and crazy yard adventures…

Things don’t always work out just like you’ve planned. Sometimes flowers die. Sometimes the rain pours. Sometimes you think you want a big yard only to realize that you actually prefer a smaller one instead. Most importantly, we would be without several very funny and important memories if we had just hired someone to keep this yard instead. So, for now, we are the crazy kids out in the yard at 9:00 p.m. doing all we can to learn, make our way, and keep this yard in decent shape so the HOA doesn’t come after us. We don’t really know what we’re doing, but that is half the fun.


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