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Pretty Well is a lifestyle blog that explores adventures in wellness, beauty products, faith in Jesus, and the desire to live a life of purpose and love regardless of circumstances. At Pretty Well, we believe…

  • You (yes, you!) are beautiful and your life matters.
  • A life of health and wellness is a journey rather than a final destination.
  • Living well does not have to be complicated.
  • There is freedom is sharing stories with each other.

No matter how you arrived here, we could not be more grateful. So, sit back and stay a while, friend. We wish you many well lived days!

Meet Jessica


Jessica is an avid writer, collector of information, follower of Christ, and a true southern girl at heart. After being diagnosed with undifferenced connective tissue disease in 2015, Jessica decided to develop a more clean and minimalist lifestyle. She has spent the past few years experimenting with different natural beauty products and simplifying life as much as possible. This lifestyle is one she sees as an adventure rather than a destination, and she is so excited to share this journey with you.  She also believes that faith in Jesus changes everything! Jessica understands that life with a chronic illness can be challenging, but there is still joy and wellness to be found. She wants all women to feel beautiful regardless of skin, health issues, or age.

Jessica lives just outside of Athens, GA with her husband and two dogs. She is a mommy-to-be and cannot wait to meet her little one. When she’s not busy working or writing, Jessica enjoys searching for the world’s most comfortable pair of flats, being a big sissy, watching animated movies, and taking strolls around the neighborhood.