Maternity Fashion Favorites

Maternity clothing has been more fun than expected. I’ve looked at my former wardrobe with sad eyes a few times, but I’ve been able to find great replacements for those pieces and even experiment with a few new styles while pregnant. There are several options out there and, like anything these days, sifting through the options can be overwhelming and expensive. It’s also a little more challenging for me because I am petite (which is just a nice word for short). Here are my favorite places to shop for cute, affordable, and, most importantly, comfortable maternity clothing!

LOFT: Prior to becoming pregnant, most of my closet was filled with items from Loft. I LOVE their maternity selection, too. New styles are added constantly, and you can pretty much always find a deal. The pieces are timeless and fit well. The shorts and white shirt pictured above are from the maternity line. Shop Here!

Stitch Fix: I order this clothing subscription box from time to time, and I recently discovered their maternity service. I was super excited to have a few surprise pieces arrive at my door. It’s always so much fun…like receiving a birthday gift every month! My favorite items from the boxes have been the shorts and pants. It’s definitely worth a try for a few months while pregnant. The jeans pictured above are from a Stitch Fix. Shop Here!

ASOS: This is a great option for super trendy maternity clothes. I hop on their website when I want a wardrobe shakeup. They also have petite (amen!) and tall sizing options for several of their items. I have a few new fun pieces on the way that I can’t wait to try! Shop Here! 

Poshmark: If you don’t know about Poshmark, you should grab your phone now and download the app. If you don’t mind gently used maternity clothes, then this is an awesome resource. It has also been a useful way for me to clean out several clothing items that I know I will not use after having the baby. I will also post several of my maternity pieces once I do not need them anymore. If you signup with the code “GFNED” you will get a $5 credit. Shop Here!

I also have a few great pieces from Old Navy, Motherhood, and a few items that aren’t maternity at all (although those are quickly coming to an end). I encourage you to shop around and checkout a few of the places mentioned above.

Where are your favorite places to shop for maternity clothing? I would love to hear what works for you!

A Guide to Sun Protective Clothing

The warmer days definitely have me thinking more and more about sun protection. In addition to sunscreen, last summer I started buying sun protective clothing to add an extra layer of coverage and protection from the sun. This was especially helpful during vacation days spent by the sand and waves. I felt very silly at first walking around in long sleeves on the beach, but I was thankful much later in the day when I still felt A-Ok! There are several great brands with clothing items that have the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). As you will see, there are various levels of UPF ratings that correspond to the level of UV radiation blocked.

UPF 15 - 24.png

I generally aim for products in the “Excellent” category. I will tell you that I struggled at first to find items that would be both protective and stylish. It is possible, though! I have spent lots of time searching through the internet and stores to find great (and affordable!) products. Here are some of my favorite items and brands for sun protective clothing.

Old Navy

I don’t buy many items from Old Navy, but they do often have great deals on swimwear and activewear with a UPF rating. I have a few activewear shirts from them that are lightweight and perfect for walks outside.


Boat-Neck Rashguard for Women


Go-Dry Fitted Performance Seamless Tank for Women


Columbia has a wide selection of basic sun protective clothing. They have everything from shirts to hats to shorts. I am not always a huge fan of styles, but I have a few of their shirts I like to throw on while at the beach or for a walk. They are breathable and functional. I try to buy the fun colors, like bright pink, when purchasing items from Columbia.


Columbia Women’s Bahama Long Sleeve Shirt, X-Large, Haute Pink


Athleta is the golden girl of stylish activewear and swimwear. Their selection of UPF clothing is expansive. I’ve purchased several tops from them, and the quality is always outstanding. I do think it’s worth trying on a few items in the store to get your sizing down.



Wick-It™ Wader Coverup

Mott 50

I love browsing the items on Mott 50. It’s an easy shopping experience since all of their items have a UPF rating. Their collection is stylish and functional. The products are on the higher end of pricing compared to the other brands listed.


Cameron Swim Shirt


Penelope Straw Gardening Hat


This is my go to site for dreaming about waves and yoga by the beach. Their selection of sun protective swimwear and activewear is full of color! The site always inspires me to get outside.


Rai Swim Tight 


Lahari One Piece

There are so many great sun protective clothing and swimwear options these day! Don’t forget that the clothing never replaces a good sunscreen. You can see my favorite sunscreens by clicking here. Also, if you have any favorite brand or items please comment below. I would love to hear from you!

Happy Sunny Days!IMG_2408.JPG


Flats Quest

I’ve worked in the event world since college, and that means that I’ve spent a lot of time on my feet. I wreck havoc on shoes within a short period of time and, let’s be honest, they aren’t even left in a condition worthy of donating. My heart broke a little the other day as I threw my velvet pink Sam Eldeman shoes in the trash. The latest victim of the event world. Somehow I ended up with them covered in popcorn butter.

I truly believe in comfortable shoes and very rarely will suffer through wearing heels or anything less than comfortable. I always want to shout it from the rooftops when I find a great pair of shoes. This is the perfect place for that! I will share my favorites from time to time, and I hope you find them just as lovely as I have.

My current favorite: Rothy’s.

Their goal was to create a flat that feels like a sneaker but is stylish enough for work and environmentally friendly. Let me tell you, they were able to do just that. I was not crazy about the cost of the shoe at first, but the moment I put my feet in them for the first time it felt like walking on a cloud. Rothy’s truly feel like wearing sneakers. They are durable. I never got any blisters. The color and style selections are adorable without being overwhelming. And…wait for it…the best part of all….

You can machine wash them! Total game changer. There’s nothing like being able to toss your flats in the washing machine and have them come out smelling great and looking new. It makes Rothy’s well worth the investment.


I truly cannot say enough great things about these flats, especially if you’re on your feet a lot. They are stylish, environmentally friendly, and the most comfortable.

You can use this link to get $20 off a pair, too!