Safer Beauty

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I transitioned to safer beauty and personal care products several years ago after an autoimmune disorder diagnosis. I tried several different products and companies along the way, did too much research, and (finally) started replacing one item at a time. My super sensitive skin is like new these days as a result of the changes I decided to make. I am passionate about sharing safer product options with everyone I meet to save you some time and wasted money. I promise that there are safer and cleaner replacements for the products you love! Along the way, I decided to become a consultant for Beautycounter, which has been an amazing journey. This company is fighting for change in the beauty industry every single day. It was a mission that was a perfect fit for me and a line of products that helped take the guess work out of safer beauty.

If you would like to try Beautycounter products or join my awesome team (which is a ton of fun!) and advance the mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone, please send me an email at or complete this form!

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