10 Safer Beauty Favorites Under $30

Beauty and personal care products can be pricey, but you don’t have to break the bank to begin making changes. I’ve rounded up 10 lovely items from two of my favorite places to purchase safer products– Fig & Flower and Beautycounter.


Pinkerton_480_1024x1024_f1a28e5d-4dac-40cd-b056-88e51806be6c_grande100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish ($12)


Indie Lee Blemish Lotion ($26)


Suntegrity Mineral Sunscreen for Body ($24)


BC Hydrating Body Lotion in Citrus Mimosa ($24)


BC Body Wash in Citrus Mimosa ($20)


Eyeshadow Favorites

Let’s talk about eyeshadow. Eye shadow is one of my favorite beauty products. It’s versatile, affordable, and really sets the tone of a makeup look. I can barely walk away from a beautiful pink or gold shimmer. I had a nice collection of colors from one brand that I ended up setting aside for cleaner alternatives. I thought it would be hard to replace them, but I quickly found new favorites. The best part? The new ones do not bother my eyes! Ever. I am sharing with you my three favorite eyeshadows to date.


RMS Beauty Eye Polish

This eyeshadow is creamy and full of pigments. A little goes a long way, and it’s super easy to apply even with your fingers. The end result is a subtle, glossy look that leaves your eyes looking fresh rather than heavy. The best part? It pulls double duty and moisturizes the eyes while being worn to help fight aging! If you do have oily skin, just make sure you use a minimum amount rather than using a normal amount. This product lasts forever!

Favorite Shades: Lunar, Myth


100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow

This eyeshadow is most similar to the one I said goodbye to for a cleaner alternative. So easy to apply and blend. You really can’t mess up the application process. Plus, it stays put all day. There is a great selection of shades to choose from…all free from synthetic dyes!

Favorite Shades: Star Bright, Sugared


Vapour Mesmerize Eye Color

The first day I wore this eyeshadow a coworker stopped me and said, “Your eyes look amazing today! What did you do different?” Well, the difference was the mesmerize eye color. It’s fantastic. It’s creamy but it also reminds me of a powered eyeshadow. It does not crease or run like your typical cream. The pigments in the product are truly amazing, and you are guaranteed to have a twinkle in your eyes! Fig and Flower has an awesome eye palette available with three awesome shades to get you started.

Favorite Shades: Sugar, Firefly

I hope you are able to find a clean shadow for your makeup collection. I think you will be happy with any of these!